• Help Mumbai Police, SMS your grievance on 7738133133 or 7738144144, Police Control Room 100. Mumbai Police Elder Line 1090, Traffic Whatsapp Helpline 8454999999, Alert Citizen 103

    Emergency Details:    Help Mumbai Police, Serve you better, SMS your grievance on 7738133133 or 7738144144, Police Control Room 100 , Mumbai Police Elder Line 1090, Alert Citizen 103


One cannot escape the fact that senior citizens are at a much greater risk today than even before. After all, a worrying number of the elderly live on their own. Abandoned by their uncaring families, they are left completely helpless in crisis and extremely vulnerable to criminal elements, health problems and depression. But now they will have a family of their own again; a family of thousands calledElderLine

Now all a senior citizens has to do to get assistance is call ElderLine on 1090. An intiative of the Mumbai Police with The Times of India as media partner and Spanco Telesystems and Solutions as technology partner, ElderLine is a Special service that will take care of the physical and mental well-being of senior citizens, any time. With ElderLine, help is now at hand.

Senior Citizens can call ElderLine: 

  • When they urgently require the help of medical professionals.
  • When they face situations that involve physical violence or pose a risk to their lives.
  • Senior Citizens may directly call 1090 to register themselves.

All they have to do is call the toll free number 1090.


ElderLine is a momentous initiative where the Mumbai Police brings together volunteer doctors, clinics, hospitals, counsellors, social workers, ordinary citizens, police personnel and the best of technology to aid the elderly. Absolutely any able and compassionate individual or organisation can become a volunteer. Every volunteer will go through a simple interview and complete background check, and then given a special identity card. Volunteers will be allowed to decide days and times when they’ll be available. And even if they are busy at a particular moment, all they will have to do is inform Elderline.

BECK AND CALL ElderLine is equipped with an advanced GPS-based tracking and dispatch system. So the minute a person calls 1090, his/her exact location is accurately revealed on our screens. Similarly, it also helps us track, contact and dispatch appropriate volunteers or, if the need be, a police mobile immediately. ElderLine maintains a large database of volunteers so that there is always one ready to go. In case no volunteers are available, police personnel are dispatched instantly. All this to ensure that we reach people faster and help them better.

Registration Details:

  • To register as a senior citizen, or as an ElderLine doctor, nurse, counsellor, psychologist, clinic, hospital, organisation or simply a caring volunteer, all you have to do is fill a simple form.
  • Registration forms are available on our websites, at all police stations and with various non-profit organisations.
  • Senior Citizens may directly call 1090 to register themselves.